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All levels welcome.

YES. YES. YES. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey, or you've been practicing for years, this is the space for you. Shelby creates an environment that makes everyone feel so welcome! Choose from many different locations and times (one is BOUND to work for your schedule) Shelby is a gem and has such a pure heart for others and it shows in her business. Classes are donation based and she gives back to local non profits and others in need. PLEASE give Kalamazoo Backyard Yogis a try!! You won't regret it!

Judgement-free environment. 

Shelby is human sunshine. Her approach to teaching yoga makes for such a welcoming, judgement-free environment which is perfect for those that are new to yoga and those that are more experienced.
I’ve attended classes in Vicksburg, Portage, and South Haven, and each one is a new and wonderful experience. I always leave class feeling better than when I arrived, and that’s a pretty cool feeling. Shelby’s energy, enthusiasm for teaching, and passion to make yoga accessible to everyone makes that possible.
And can we talk about the cool lavender towels? Pure bliss.

Engaging & welcoming.

This was so worth the time! Shelby is kind, welcoming, funny and flexible by catering her sessions to her group present. I’ve never met a more engaging yoga instructor that comes prepared with waters, mats, bug repellent bracelets, AROMATHERAPY TOWELS (yes you read that correctly) and a love for what she does! I walked away feeling amazing and will be attending many of her creative sessions in the future!

Favorite thing about Kalamazoo.

Your studio is the only one I've ever felt like I could show up as my full self. The practice for me is about meeting myself where I’m at, with no judgement. Often times I go to class just to have a renewed sense of hope/joy/peace - and I always get just that. Backyard Yogis is easily one of my favorite things about Kzoo (& Shelby ) love you lots. 

Inviting atmosphere.

I attended a yoga class at the studio and then a retreat the weekend after. For the studio~ I love the atmosphere, it’s very inviting, and Shelby is an amazing yoga instructor. 
It’s also very affordable. I love that she makes it so everyone can enjoy.For the retreat ~ I can not recommend this enough! Every woman NEEDS to attend these. I felt comfortable, invited, and I was able to be myself. The yoga was great, the activities fun, and food and snacks were yummy. The other women I met were awesome, it felt like hanging out with old friends as the day progressed. The breath work coach and painting instructor Shelby had come in were wonderful. Again, so much fun. I feel like I learned more body positivity in the 24 hours I was there than I have in 43 years. The community Shelby is creating is just so accepting and nurturing and healthy. I can not express entirely how good this is. Do yourself a favor and book one. You will leave loving them, and yourself!

The messages of love and self-compassion.

Cried the first time I took a class with you (and will cry again) with your messages of love and self-compassion! Your mission is so beautiful and well needed here. Great for both: never-before beginners and seasoned practitioners. Wish I could be around more, always recommending to friends, and seriously such a cool space.

Shoulder stretches & hand stretches for circulation!

Just want you to know…. You are amazing!! Before I started yoga, most nights, my carpal tunnel would act up, my arms and hands would go numb, then go to pain with pins and needles, I’d have to position myself in bed so my arm could hang off the side of the bed, I’d get up in the middle of the night just to stand for 10 minutes to get the feeling back in my arms, then go back to bed to continue the cycle. It was terrible. This was every night. I was about to go see a doctor when we started yoga. With all these shoulder stretches, you have seriously cured me!! I sleep solid with no numbness. Thank you Shelby!! I love everything about you! Keep up the great work!!

Better than YouTube yoga from home.

Everyone who hasn't been should go!! I went last night and Shelby Suzanne is amazing. I have only done yoga a few times watching someone on YouTube so don't say "I can't do that". Go relax and stretch a little. Again I can't say enough how much I enjoyed going.

Never done yoga? Give it a try. 

Went tonight and it was great. Gentle stretching to end your day. Never done yoga?
Give it a try, all ages, all levels of fitness.
Start your weekend off right.

Calming, curated ambiance.

What an amazing experience! A friend and I attended a bedtime yoga session and it was perfect. Low intensity, calming, and the ambience was uniquely curated. She provided mats, water, and even lavender towels. I've never had such a wonderful time doing yoga. Can't wait to attend again.

Sense of belonging, community.

Shelby brings a warmth and joy to yoga practice. She reminds us that it's okay to smile and wiggle and laugh. There's a sense of belonging in this community whether it's your 1st or 101st time. Come join us sometime.

Flows tweaked to meet needs.

You bring the greatest energy, Shelby! People should feel comfortable tweaking their flow based on individual needs, and you provide an environment to let loose and do so. 

Coziest & safest—like home.

It's a joy and a pleasure to have you in the neighborhood. The space you provide allows me  to come as I am, and is truly one of the coziest, safest places I've been to outside of my own home.

It’s a community, not a workout class.

I've been to many different classes and each one offers a welcoming tone.The space feels so cozy. I've really felt like it's a community and not just a "workout class". There are a variety of ages too which is always nice; we all move in our own way, but together. Even when it’s just a class of Shelby and I (talking more than flowing lol) I'm still happy I made a point to go! Thanks for all you do friend!!

Welcoming & peaceful presence.

Your presence is so welcoming and the studio space is very peaceful! I love being a part of KBY. 

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