love people first. committed to engineering a better workplace & world. the fave aunt. enneagram 2.


I believe in loving people first. I am an engineer committed to creating and maintaining a better workplace & world. I have been practicing yoga for 12 years. I started by taking a course in college and using VHS tapes in my basement. I spent the past 5 years practicing at Intentional Yoga in Portage, MI and I highly recommend their practice for those looking to take their flows to the next level. I love being an aunt. I love summers on my ‘83 Rinker & my bright pink kayak. I love long walks in the colder months. I talk way too much. I laugh often. I am an advocate of mental healthiness & body neutrality & equity & human rights. I tell silly jokes. I mess up my right and left. I am awkward and weird but people keep coming back. thanks for that.
Kalamazoo Backyard Yogis came about because, throughout the pandemic, I started to feel paralyzed by the enormity of all the devastation in the world. I felt like I couldn’t easily make change while working my 9 to 5 & coming home & wincing at social media. I knew I wanted a better place to live in but I didn’t have the platform or the means to do what I think needed and still needs to be done. I had some skill and basic knowledge of yoga and I decided to use that (and my advanced sense of humor and love for people) to try to bring a polarized society back into community. And, in doing so, I found ways to also bring provisions to those in this community affected by the world we live in. We are here to do yoga. But we are mostly here to enjoy ourselves & walk out with our cups a little more full than when we walked in so that if we encounter someone with an empty cup, we might be a able to spare a little. We started in my backyard. And then it expanded. But I continue to encourage a "backyard" feel. Meaning that we have fun, play great music, engage with one another, and laugh a lot. We've made an impact already. And for that, I am humbled & grateful. See you out back!